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Which tracker is right for me?

CanTrack Protect (security)

The CanTrack Protect is a specialist hardware and service that recovers vehicles and assets when stolen, and mitigates risks to hire companies such as fraud or high-risk credit accounts:

  • Dedicated team of former Police officers deploy when stolen.
  • Long battery means no wiring for thieves to trace, and doesn’t need to be located near a power source.
  • Switches on infrequently so thieves cannot scan for its presence.
  • Multiple communications technologies means it is resistant to jamming technology, and homing beacon even locates indoors (unlike GPS).
  • Full waterproof and tough, can operate in extreme environments.
  • Sensors can be programmed to wake upon motion, shock, tilt and light.
  • Not suitable for real-time monitoring (only fully activated when stolen). See CanTrack GPS for real-time telematics.
CanTrack GPS (real-time)

The CanTrack GPS is a plug n’ play tracking solution that provides real-time visibility of vehicles and plant machinery:

  • Simply plug into a discreet port in your vehicle, no expertise required.
  • Can be wired to monitor sensors and switches for business information.
  • Data-rich reporting on utilisation, driver behaviour and route optimisation to manage your business.
  • Manage Health & Safety obligations with lone worker protection, driving standards. Plant machinery specific alerts, such as unsafe angle of operation.
  • Environmental impact assessment with carbon calculator.
  • Directly increase efficiency of fleet, and reduce costs of your three largest costs; people, vehicles and insurance.
  • Wiring, reliance on GPS and constant communication means this product is not suitable for security purposes. See the CanTrack Protect.

CanTrack Protect. Look after what’s important.

With the CanTrack Protect tracking service, we look after an estate of around 30,000 assets with a combined value of over £600m 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Our Thatcham S7 certified solution safeguards high-value vehicles, plant machinery, motorhomes, caravans and motorbikes from theft, insurance claims, fraud and high credit-risk clients.

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Our Clients

CanTrack GPS. Provide visibility of your fleet.

We work with many different types of business and clients segments with the CanTrack GPS, but our specialism lies in two main areas. Vehicle and plant machinery rental companies, and service providers utilising vans.  Many of the challenges faced are the same. There are four areas we help to both relieve pain in, and also create gains for our clients.

  1. Returns on the capital employed.
  2. The person operating the machine or vehicle.
  3. The insurance.
  4. The fuel bill.

Our real-time telematics and monitoring provides direct tools to manage all of these areas, create efficiencies in your business that result in either lower costs or increased capacity and improve health, safety and environmental impact.

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CanTrack is a multi-award winning company, with products approved by both Thatcham, and the Police run Secured by Design.

Awards and certifications for CanTrack including Thatcham, Secured by Design, Construction Equipment Association, Commercial Fleet, HAE Awards, Plantworx, Goldman Sachs 10,000 businesses, CPA, PANIU and ISO:9001
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