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We work with many different types of business and clients segments with the CanTrack GPS, but our specialism lies in two main areas. Vehicle and plant machinery rental companies, and service providers utilising vans.  Many of the challenges faced are the same. There are four areas we help to both relieve pain in, and also create gains for our clients.

  1. Returns on the capital employed.
  2. The person operating the machine or vehicle.
  3. The insurance.
  4. The fuel bill.

Our real-time telematics and monitoring provides direct tools to manage all of these areas, create efficiencies in your business that result in either lower costs or increased capacity and improve health, safety and environmental impact.

There is so much our system can do from helping reduce consumable use (tyres, pads, fuel) to monitor business critical functions like understanding when a welfare cabins waste tank needs emptying or water tank filling – all the way through to alerting when plant machinery is operating at unsafe angles. For that reason, it’s best we can understand your business in a consultation, and we just love to do that with a video call. The fact it’s a plug n’ play unit has real cost benefits too, with the average cost of a de/re-installation costing £115+VAT. When you take into account lifetime costs, this factor should influence your decision making.

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Our Clients

The CanTrack GPS tracks over 300,000,000 miles of journeys every year, 22 million runtime hours and trillions of events such as driving events or triggers to perform an actions like service calls. We use our algorithms to determine fair, but responsible levels of driver scoring and machine operation. Apart from the health & safety benefits, improving fleet efficiency has significant cost savings for your business and a positive impact on the environment. COVID-19 has forced many businesses to adapt rapidly, and we can help you expand your vehicle fleet, whilst retaining control and driving down cost.

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Vans use 40% more fuel at 85mph compared to 70mph, not to mention the extra cost of maintenance, consumables and insurance that is associated with lower fleet scores. Our customers tell us they’ve negotiated up to 20% insurance discount after using the CanTrack GPS tracker to improve their fleet score. And all for the price of 1 coffee a week.

Plant machinery can be monitored for both engine on, but crucially also for when it is under load (actually being utilised). This information can be used for generate client engagement and sales activities. We have dedicated control software (AMC) for hirers who work in both vehicle and plant rental to take the burden of managing client access to machines on rent, and this can be automated with our API’s into your hire software.

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So many questions

In a society where risk, duty of care and corporate social responsibility are paramount, access to intelligence is critical in providing real-time and historic data trends that serve as an enabler to make effective decision making. In turn this drives financial and operational enhancement.

CanTrack GPS consolidates big data and presents it in a clear, visible and highly intuitive live dashboard and reporting suite. As business decision makers operating high value capital items, we are likely to have the following questions:

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    • Are people and vehicles / equipment working efficiently?
    • How do I have visibility of my high value capital assets once they’ve left my yard?
    • How can I verify working hours and health & safety compliance?
    • How do I create sticky client relationships by providing them value add?
    • How do I reduce both my downtime, and that of my clients?
    • How can I ensure my capital is being invested in the right assets – too much or too little?
    • How can I create intelligence around disposals?

    Every one of these areas and more is addressed by the CanTrack GPS system, request a video call to see and hear how we can help you realise these gain creators and pain relievers!

    Incredible software 

    It’s all about the tech, and the CanTrack next-gen ‘Osprey’ platform has a beautiful user interface designed by a team that worked on Apple and Microsoft software platforms. The highly configurable layout design (codenamed GoldenEye) is a first in the telematics industry and utilises code developed by NASA and adapted for our use.

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    Drop the widgets you want to see anywhere on the page, and resize them to get that perfect layout. You can have as many layouts as you want, to represent different teams or jobs you want to perform in Osprey. You can even share layouts with team-mates.

    Experience tracking and telematics software as you never have before. It represents a £500,000 investment in software engineering fro CanTracks own in-house team of developers, launched in June 2020 and as with the prior Chicane platform, will be continuously updated.

    Have a chat to one of our specialists now, or even better a video call to see the features with a screen share.

    Plant Specific Features


    Map exact site layouts for alerting


    Hours of permitted operation


    Utilisation (visual and reporting)


    User configurable I/O for monitoring


    Over-turn alerting


    Excessive engine idle (fuel waste)


    Hydraulics engaged report (control arm)

    Common Features


    Full reporting suite


    High grade mapping


    Out of hours reporting


    Geofencing capability


    TAG manager for enhanced reporting capability cascading


    API for data and control API for ERP integration


    Highly configurable layout


    Schedule reports for later


    Driver ID (optional)

    Van & Car Specific Features


    Intuitive driver behaviour solution


    Real-time asset location


    Live traffic information


    Road-sensitive speed limit identification


    Nearest vehicle locator


    Impact detection alert


    Highly accurate mileage capture

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    Or schedule a video call back from our Contact page.

    Pricing Table – valid until April 2021

    We’re mainly a B2B business (but we do love consumers too!), so it’s unusual to share pricing on a website. Usually you can expect the ‘call for more information’ – however, at CanTrack all clients are treated equally. We stick to the published discounts, and successfully work with clients who have accounts in excess of 5,000 units with this transparent model.

    Band (fleet size) Hardware Subscription (annual) Rental (3+35 profile) Discount
    IP65 Rated Upgrade £40
    Direct (1-10) £130 £99 £14
    Managed (11-99) £117 £94 £13 10% Hardware & 5% Subscription
    Key (100-249) £109.65 £89.10 £12 15% Hardware & 10% Subscription
    Strategic (>250) £97.50 £84.15 £10.20 25% Hardware & 15% Subscription

    Prices are ex-VAT and delivery. The CanTrack GPS is self-fit, unless using on plant machinery or with wiring for sensors. We have a national team of fitters who can assist you with this.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I fit the CanTrack GPS?

    It depends on what type of vehicle or machinery you’re fitting to, and what amount of data you want to report on. For all cars, van and other light commercial vehicles manufactured since 2004 – they will have an ‘OBD Port’ which the unit can simply be plugged into. You can see an example of a full hidden wiring install here:

    The plug and play install is self-fit, however we would be happy to quote for an installation visit if you’d prefer. Most people just plug straight into the port and then just tuck the flat ribbon cable into the trim around the car, with absolutely no experience and a minimally visible install. Bear in mind, this is not a product that will be likely to help in the event of theft, which is why we have the CanTrack Protect.

    If you require the monitoring of sensors, switches or light – Driver ID identification or an installation on plant or other machinery – you will need a professional installation. We have full wiring guides if you have competent staff in your business.

    Your account manager will ask all about what you need and help advise you accordingly.

    What is Driver Behaviour?

    The Driver Behaviour reporting suite has both interactive and downloadable reporting information on the quality of your fleets driving style. We use our own algorithm to analyse sensor information such as how hard a driver accelerates or brakes, and fast they go around a corner. We look for idling times where the engine is running, but the vehicle isn’t going anywhere, and how well they adhere to the speed limits on their routes.

    We then additionally apply weighting to types of driving. There is a general ‘totting’ up type of weighting that allows a level of mistakes that occur in any professional driver, but will reward drivers who achieve consistently higher driving standards. We heavy penalise sustained periods of poor driving where the driver is consciously driving to a low standard. This represents the highest risk to your fleet and their & others safety. We don’t think anyone else focuses on safety in this way, other than insurance telematics systems.

    All these safety initiatives have a real cost saving element too. Fleets that really reward drivers for the right behaviours will see reduced insurance premiums, and reduced fuel and consumable costs.

    Please note that Driver Behaviour is not available to heavy goods vehicles or construction equipment (which use different metrics).

    Can I see who is or was driving the vehicle?

    You can record the driver name against a vehicle if you have drivers permanently assigned to vehicles. With multiple drivers of a vehicle, we have an optional DriverID system which uses small keyfob tags to identify the driver prior to starting the vehicle.

    Can I compare driver performance by depots or regions (groups)?

    We utilise a system called Tags to assign roles or groups to vehicles and machines. These allow you to easily view and report on them in a way that makes sense in your business, and to the logged in user. You might tag a vehicle with a client name, project, equipment being carried or capabilities to find the nearest vehicle to a job that has come in, or report on the efficiency of a specific project.

    How do we comply with GDPR regulations?

    How we store and process data is important to us and our clients. Depending on the product and how you use it, there may be a need to inform your staff or clients about the use of CanTrack products. For more information, and understanding of how we use data on this website, please see:

    For information on data storage in relation to the services we provide, please see: where you’ll find the information right at the end of the page.

    What is the warranty?

    The warranty is 24 months on the CanTrack GPS, if your product fails from any form of manufacturing defect within this period, simply return it for a replacement. We can also offer a courier collection once you’ve got the unit at your premises.

    What is the order process? How long will it take me to receive the order?

    Please email or call +441908 330385 to place an order. Orders are dispatched typically within 3 workings days on a Next Day delivery basis, but you can upgrade to a same day dispatch on orders before 2pm for a small fee.

    Specifications & Installation

    The CanTrack GPS simply plugs into any vehicle with an OBD port, you can just plug it in or fully hide the cable like in the video below installing into a Ford Transit. For plant machinery, or where you require monitoring of sensors or switches, it needs to be installed by a professional electronic installation company. We have a national networks of specialists that can help you.

    Communication Modes GPRS/EDGE/HSPA and CDMA, 1xRTT packet data, UDP and SMS
    Operating Bands (MHz) Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900) 2G, 3G and LTE versions available
    Location Technology 56 channel GPS, 2.0M CEP
    Battery 1,000mAh back-up battery (up to 10hrs).
    Voltages 12/24v compatible with a range of 9-32v.
    Digital Inputs 5 (1 fixed bias low, 4 programmable bias)
    Digital Outputs 3 relay driver (200mA)
    Serial interface 2 power TTL ports
    1-wire interface Driver ID, temperature sense
    Status LEDs GPS and GSM
    Dimensions 94mm x 53mm x 20mm
    Weight 68g
    Enclosure Vehicle unit requires dry environment, GPS for Plant has an IP64 rated version.
    Certification CE (directive 2004/108/EU & 2014/30/EU & RTTE Directive 1999/5/EC & Directive 2014/53/EU


    CanTrack is a multi-award winning company, with products approved by both Thatcham, and the Police run Secured by Design.

    Awards and certifications for CanTrack including Thatcham, Secured by Design, Construction Equipment Association, Commercial Fleet, HAE Awards, Plantworx, Goldman Sachs 10,000 businesses, CPA, PANIU and ISO:9001
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