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The CanTrack Protect is a service comprising of specialist hardware, software and an on-going subscription service that includes a free deployment of our Investigations Unit in the event you want to find and recover your vehicles or assets. It’s used to protect individuals and business from theft, and for businesses also provides a safeguard against fraud, high credit-risk clients and rising insurance costs.

We allow you to trade with more people, with less risk and business interruption associated with theft, loss and insolvency. We give you the control to see where your kit is, and when and how it’s being used. Our runtime sensor tells you how exactly when your equipment is being used each day. You can buy hardware outright, rent it or pay an all inclusive monthly fee starting from just £14 per month, per asset. We have a wide variety of purchasing options to suit you and your budget.

For the detail, keep reading or jump straight to the basics, how we tested the Protect to destruction, how our incredible Investigations Unit deploy in theft, how we use our expertise to shape the Protect product and service. Or you can jump straight to pricing or technical specs.

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Our Clients

We protect what’s important.

With the CanTrack Protect tracking service, we look after an estate of around 30,000 assets with a combined value of over £600m 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Our solutions safeguard high-value vehicles, plant machinery, motorhomes, caravans and motorbikes from theft, insurance claims, fraud and high credit-risk clients.

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Never have these risks been greater than a post COVID-19 environment, and we can help your business to increase your appetite for dealing with clients that have risk attached in this time by knowing where they are, how they are being used and should the worst happen – get them back.

This technology combines with our unique Investigations Unit is a national team exclusively comprised of former Police officers, with an average recovery rate in excess of 91%. Our customers tell us our team is what sets us apart from all others. We have reunited clients with over £25m worth of assets, and the true impact of theft on businesses is thought by insurers to be triple the asset value – and it’s all included within the cost of your subscription.

Being a self-fit device for security reasons has real cost benefits too. The average cost of a de and re-installation is £115 + VAT, every time you replace equipment or change what you’re protecting, you’re saving with the CanTrack Protect.

We undertake specialist projects too, call and see if we can help.

You bought it. You paid for it. They have no right to take it.

Over 90% recovery rate achieved year after year

Tested to (in)destruction

Whilst conventional tracking devices (like our own CanTrack GPS) are perfectly fine for protected environments inside vehicles, they are not designed to operate in challenging environments, or with theft specifically in mind. The Protect is incredibly robust, engineered using PA6 Nylon Polymer casing, with the electronics laid inside and filled with epoxy resin. This sets as hard as a rock, and as you can see from the video means it can be used in the toughest of environments.

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The Protect can be jet washed at close range and is standards tested for a wide range of physical and environmental tests, as detailed in the specifications.

The unique technology in the Protect allows it to last for years despite being battery powered and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Conventional wired tracking devices are very easy for thieves to find, due to the fact they need to see the GPS satellite signal (which is very weak) and be wired to a power source. Without these restrictions, the Protect can be hidden in far more places, is easy to self-fit and can be moved from one vehicle or machine to another without costly installation charges.

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We Protect it all

Vans, quad bikes, plant, motorbikes, agri, carvans & motorhomes.

You bought it. You paid for it. They have no right to take it.

The CanTrack Investigations Unit

Our unique Investigations Unit is a national team exclusively comprised of former Police officers, with an average recovery rate in excess of 91%. Our customers tell us our team is what sets us apart from all others. We have reunited our partners with over £25m worth of assets. The team is based nationally in the UK and Northern Ireland, and between them have nearly two centuries of Policing experience! It’s a significant investment from CanTrack, and the combination of technology and experience personnel makes a real difference to a successful theft outcome.

The timeline opposite gives a representative example of key points in a recovery. Each job is unique, with different challenges on where the stolen is, and who’s around – so your experience may vary. 

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Not only are we managing the situation on the ground in your best interests, but we utilise specialist homing beacon technology in the last mile of recovery. This allows us to locate equipment indoors or under cover – a weakness of conventional tracking. We have relationships with law enforcement in the UK and abroad through our contacts in INTERPOL and through our IAATI memberships.

The Investigations Unit liaise with both the Police and yourselves throughout the process of recovery, taking this stress away from you after the initial Police report. These professional relationships means law enforcement responds well in situations individuals, businesses and other tracking companies may struggle to have them attend for a legal recovery once found. This is because they know that with CanTrack, they will not be wasting their time with tracking units reporting locations after being cut out of the vehicle, and that we have physically site assessed the site of the recovery.

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You don’t just buy a Protect, you buy Us

Serious organised criminal gangs that operate in the theft arena, utilise technology and advanced skills to steal.  The have an established global supply chain to move on, and sell what they have stolen from you and it’s easy to under-estimate just how sophisticated this criminal network is.

We live and breathe the technology utilised by thieves for theft and work with the press and law enforcement to continuously adapt and refine the CanTrack Protect technology and service.

We, researching and test the same technology the thieves use from various open and closed sources. We not only use this information to refine the CanTrack Protect, we share our insight with industry professionals in global conferences, and through the press and television.

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Jamming devices are a good example of this technology, and are routinely used by criminals in the theft of vehicles and machines. They block the very sensitive GPS signal in conventional trackers (which is very weak and why conventional tracking systems have to be installed in specific places where they can ‘see the sky’.)

As the video shows, they are extremely effective, and render any tracking system that relies solely on GPS signals (almost all of them), completely useless in the event of theft. The CanTrack Protect has three different location technologies, and a very powerful radio transmitter for use by our Investigations Unit to pinpoint locations indoors or out. The whole system has been designed to be extremely resistant to jamming technology.

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Pricing Table – valid until April 2021

We’re mainly a B2B business (but we do love consumers too!), so it’s unusual to share pricing on a website. Usually you can expect the ‘call for more information’ – however, at CanTrack all clients are treated equally. We stick to the published discounts, and successfully work with clients who have accounts in excess of 5,000 units with this transparent model.

Band (fleet size)HardwareSubscription (annual)Rental (3+35 profile)Discount
Direct (1-10)£249£149£20.15
Managed (11-99)£224.10£119.20£16.8410% Hardware & 20% Subscription
Key (100-249)£211.65£111.75£15.8315% Hardware & 25% Subscription
Strategic (>250)£199.20£96.85£14.1820% Hardware & 35% Subscription

Prices are ex-VAT and delivery. The CanTrack Protect is self-fit, with no wiring to worry about! We provide a super strong 3M adhesive pad to simply stick the Protect where you want it, and for extra security it has holes in either corner if you wish to attach with bolts or screws.


Communication ModesGPRS/EDGE/HSP A and CDMA 1xR TT packet data, UDP and SMS
SIM CardEmbedded SIM (E-SIM), subscription required. No home network, Global Roaming
Operating Bands (MHz)Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900)
Location Technology50 channel GPS, Triangulated Cell Position, 100mw XXXMHz transceiver
Battery>2,000 reports for T7+ and >3,000 for T9
SensorsTemperature, Light, Impact, Motion, Tilt, Utilisation
Temperature-30º to + 85º C (operating), -40º to +85º (storage)
Humidity100% Relative Humidity including condensing
Shock and VibrationBS EN 60068-2-32:1993 (Shock) and BS EN 60068-2-6:2008 ‘Vibration (sinusoidal)’, BS EN 60068-2-29:1993 (Bump)
Environmental ProtectionIP69k -Fully waterproof and dust proof, capable of withstanding direct high pressure wash
EMC / EMI / ESI / RTTECE (directive 2004/108/EU & 2014/30/EU & RTTE Directive 1999/5/EC & Directive 2014/53/EU
SensorsTemperature, Light, Impact, Motion, Tilt, Utilisation
Dimensions68 x 68 x 25mm for T7+ and 115 x 68 x 38mm for T9 extended battery version
Weight170g for T7+ and 405g for T9 extended battery version
EnclosurePA6 Nylon Polymer with circuitry potted in epoxy resin

CanTrack is a multi-award winning company, with products approved by both Thatcham, and the Police run Secured by Design.

Awards and certifications for CanTrack including Thatcham, Secured by Design, Construction Equipment Association, Commercial Fleet, HAE Awards, Plantworx, Goldman Sachs 10,000 businesses, CPA, PANIU and ISO:9001
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