Customer CCTV shows an 8-tonne Bobcat E80 Excavator being loaded into a lorry and taken away overnight. Once the theft was reported, we remotely tracked the excavator to a site about 5 miles away.

The CanTrack Investigations Unit sent an Investigator to the machine’s location and advised Essex Rural Crime Police that entry to the site would be needed. Our Investigator arrived at the scene shortly after and positively identified that the machine was in the expected location. Our Investigator managed to do this without a line-of-sight identification. The Police, who know how accurate our technology is, used our tracking system to authorise a warrant to forcibly enter the site.

On successful entry to the site, assisted by Essex Rural Crime Police, our Investigations Unit secured the excavator and notified the owner of the location. The happy customer recovered the excavator themselves a few minutes later so it was ready for work with minimal disruption.

Without our advanced technology and impressive Investigations Unit, this recovery simply wouldn’t have happened. The excavator was itself well-hidden and had been extensively searched for ‘traditional’ wired trackers.

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CanTrack is a multi-award winning company, with products approved by both Thatcham, and the Police run Secured by Design.

Awards and certifications for CanTrack including Thatcham, Secured by Design, Construction Equipment Association, Commercial Fleet, HAE Awards, Plantworx, Goldman Sachs 10,000 businesses, CPA, PANIU and ISO:9001
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