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Caravan and motorhome theft has risen by over 100% since 2014.


insurance statistics report that less than 3% of assets stolen are ever reunited with their owner. In a staycation culture where caravan and motorhome purchasing is on the increase in the UK, so too is theft.

Cantrack T7+

The Risks

Sophisticated thieves know what to target and where to look for conventional telematics and once your prized possession is gone, it could disappear for good, often cloned or hidden on private land over the winter months.

Cantrack’s Solution

CanTrack Asset delivers a recovery rate in excess of 90%. That’s why it’s becoming the preferred choice for asset protection within hard-working people that want to enjoy the fruits of their labour.


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CanTrack is a multi-award winning company, with products approved by both Thatcham, and the Police run Secured by Design.

Awards and certifications for CanTrack including Thatcham, Secured by Design, Construction Equipment Association, Commercial Fleet, HAE Awards, Plantworx, Goldman Sachs 10,000 businesses, CPA, PANIU and ISO:9001
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