Last month, while recovering a customer’s stolen generator, we also recovered several other items that were not protected by CanTrack. Obviously, the customer was delighted but we also spoke with the owners of the other items we recovered and, understandably, they also became CanTrack customers.

Fast forward to this morning when we were notified by one of these new customers that their mini excavator had been stolen from a site in Kent. We remotely tracked the stolen item, but, with no GPS, deduced that the stolen item was either in a larger vehicle, shipping container or a warehouse.
We dispatched a CanTrack Investigator who was on the scene shortly after to perform a manual search for the stolen property using one of our backup methods of communication technology.
Our Investigator located a Ford Transit van that was emitting the signature signal from the stolen excavator’s CanTrack unit. Kent Police were notified and provided assistance shortly after. Kent Police suspect that the van has been used in previous crimes and requested recovery for forensics. The thieves locked the van up to the extent that the police couldn’t gain enough access to remove the machine from the van. We managed visual confirmation that the van contained the excavator before it was recovered.

With the Police recovering not ony the excavator but also the criminal’s van, it’s one less asset the thieves can use to hide and transport stolen items around Kent and beyond.

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CanTrack is a multi-award winning company, with products approved by both Thatcham, and the Police run Secured by Design.

Awards and certifications for CanTrack including Thatcham, Secured by Design, Construction Equipment Association, Commercial Fleet, HAE Awards, Plantworx, Goldman Sachs 10,000 businesses, CPA, PANIU and ISO:9001
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